Those Golden Years


People sometimes comment on the gold leaf I often add to my paintings. I love gold.  Our love affair began when I was a little girl growing up in Bangkok, Thailand. A beautiful country, rich in culture and tradition, Thailand is known for its stunning Buddhist temples.

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A popular tourist spot, we often visited them with family and friends. The Thai have a lovely custom of honoring Buddha by placing squares of gold leaf on his statues. Postage sized booklets of gold leaf are sold outside the temples and I remember meticulously pressing and rubbing these leaves onto the statues. A gentle breeze might blow across the vast hallways and rooms of the temples, and the bits of gold leaf would appear to dance. Truly a magical sight; one I have not forgotten.

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I lived in Thailand for 9 years, and much of what I saw and experienced influence my work today.  Don’t even get me started  on Thai silk – the colors are breathtaking! The pinks and oranges; yes, I’m a big fan. Blues and turquoises; absolutely divine! But I’m getting ahead of myself. Perhaps I’ll save this for a later post on COLOR. For now, I’ll simply say that for me, the gold leaf, it’s personal.


       My mother Brigitte, and a friend at the Floating Market

Dad buddha statue

My father Ole, riding a samlo with my aunt



Á bientôt!

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